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Why it’s Important and Why You Should Join

1. Disrupting the Status Quo

Did you know, of the small female segment in tech only about 11% contribute to open source? Open source depends on contributions of all kinds—imagine if more women felt empowered to bring their voices to the table. With only a small percentage of females currently participating, women are untapped potential waiting to be activated. The Open Source Mentorship Program is a good place to start. Let’s change expectations about who defines the open source movement and how people find their place in this vibrant community.

2. Transformative Experience

The program is conceived of as a way to increase practical knowledge and explore the strengths of open source. But even more significant is the personal development that both mentees and their mentors experience. Participants discover new capacity and build identity as part of the open source movement. osmp 2015 is an opportunity to not only improve individually, it’s a chance to be part of something bigger than any one person, any single interest.

3. A Warm Welcome to the Local Civic Tech Community

It’s one thing to introduce women to open source and civic tech, but to remain active and engaged, for any person, there must be a network of support. Whether you’re brand new to programming or have been in the tech community for awhile, we guarantee you’ll meet fresh faces. “Open source is social by nature”, so let’s leverage our strong civic tech community to cultivate relationships in addition to skill.

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This weekend Philadelphia will host its second democracy hackathon: Apps for Philly Democracy 2015. Find out why you should come and code for Philly all weekend — even if you’re not a coder!

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